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Leder Care GT

The current care and refreshing

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Leder Care GT

Leather conditioner designed to maintain and freshen natural and artificial leather. Prevents leather surfaces from cracking and drying. Enchances the colour, makes the leather soft and supple, protects against environmental factors (UV rays, moisture, temperature). Recommended for varnished grain leather with long-term colour fastness

Attention! Not suitable for nubuck and suede.


• natural, artificial leather
Methods of use
• use without dilution, the preparation applied by spray on a cloth or sponge and spread over the entire surface of the leather and leave to dry. In order to get the better effect repeat the activity twice. Can be used after washing or dry cleaning
Product code
F-12Q 0,5l (Package include 16 items)
F-12/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
F-12/001S 1l ( sprayer)
F-12/005 5l
F-12/010 10l
F-12/020 20l
F-12/200 200l
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