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Tenzon 1

Varnish Protection

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Tenzon 1

Wax for car paint  protection and care. Contains a blend of Carnauba wax and Tenzon formula to protect paintwork against moisture, corrosion, dirt and harmful weathering conditions. Fills in pores and minor scratches. Apply Tenzon 1 prior to application of Tenzon 3  PROT

Method of Use :

  •  ready to use product
  •  apply on exactly washed, dry area.
  •  cover evenly, gently rubbing into carpaint with circular moves
  •  leave applied layer on the paint for 30-60 minutes
  •  slow, circular movements carefully polished car body Attention !! Do not use on heated surface
Product code
A-42/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
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