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Shampo Neutro

Manual washing with polishing car body

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Shampo Neutro

Concentrated shampoo for manual cleaning car body; creating very  thick foam, does  not contain phosphates and aggressive chemical agents. Thanks to the application of  nano molecule  of sliver and titanium   increase the ability of the penetration  into all invisible scratches, cracks and irregularities of the structure, collecting smudges of dirt and all places inaccessible for tools and cleaning devices.

Reduces  the influence of atmospheric agents ( temperature , humidity). Dries  automatically without the additional airflow, does not leave streaks and damp patches.


Cars bodies, trucks, lorries.
Methods of use
• 100ml / 10l of water ; • rinse with running water. • best results are obtained by using demineralized water for rinsing Attention! 1)Do not mix shampoo up with other products about the similar application due to weakening the effect of washing and draining. 2) Before use , wash sand away from the car body in order not to cover the car body with drawings.
Product code
A-05/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
A-05/005 5l
A-05/010 10l
A-05/020 20l
A-05/200 200l
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