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Shampo DRY

Shampoo with the function of making shiny and draining.

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Shampo DRY

Hand car wash shampoo, very effective. Concentrate does not contain aggressive substances or solvent. Gives glossy look to car body and drains water from the surface. Product leaves pleasant, refreshing forest fragrance.

Car body, vans, trucks, motorcycles, quads, bicycles.
Methods of use
Rinse with clean water;
Solution 0,5 - 1% (50-100 ml/ 10 l of water);
Apply using sponge or soft brush;
For better results rinse with demineralized water;
Do not mix shampoo with other similar products, because of the weakening wash and dry effect;
Before use wash off sand from car body surface;
Product code
A-43/001 1l (bulk pack contains 12 pieces)
A-43/005 5l
A-43/010 10l
A-43/020 20l
A-43/200 200l
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