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Clay Glinka

clay car paint deep cleaning , Decontamination

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Clay Glinka

Abrasive clay for deep cleansing car paint from pollutants which weren't removed during traditional washing. Removes stubborn dirt, adjacent to the car body, such as: tar, organic remains, calcium and minerals from dry drops of water and the acid rain.The work should be carried out in the shade.

car body
Methods of use
Before using the clay , thoroughly wash the car. On the area on which we are starting the decontamination, apply Clay spray which will prepare the area for applying clay . In case of dirtying the clay break it and knead dirt to the centre, to be clean from both sides. After cleaning the specific element wipe with towel. The work should be carried out in a shady, cool place because the sun and high temperature can contribute to too fast drying Clay spray.
Product code
F-14/0002 0,2 l
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