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G2 a+b

Double-component invisible quartz coating protecting glass, ceramic and mineral surfaces.

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G2 a+b

Quartz glass surface protection - windows, mirrors, lights, sunroofs. Two –component –invisible - anti-reflective quartz coating effectively protects glass surfaces. Creates a durable hydrophobic coating which facilitates water removal reducing the  operating frequency of the window wipers. Prevents the build-up of atmospheric pollutants, dirt and grime. Reduces the formation of scratches and mechanical damages.

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Methods of use
Combine G2A and G2B phase by energetically mixing up for 3 minutes. Next with the cosmetic scrap put on the degreased surface and polish with piece of cloth from the delicate fabric for getting the desired effect. After about 20 min. quartz area will get the expected hardness. Attention! use mixt phases of the G2 product within 24h.
Product code
F-43/M 0,05l
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