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Leder Prot

Waterproof protector spray for suede, nubuck and varnished grain leather

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Leder Prot

A ready-to-use waterproofing spray for protection of suede, nubuck and varnished grain leather with long-term colour fastness. Provides water-repellent finish. Protects leather surfaces against weather conditions, UV rays, fading

Designation  :

  • natural, artificial, varnished grain leather

Method of use :

  • Test an inconspicuous area for colour-fastness.  It may alter the colour of the leather. Spray onto clean and dry surface, leave to dry.  Note:  Proper ventilation must be provided during application. Not intended for soft lamb leather and oily leather.
Product code
F-09Q 0,5l (Package include 16 items)
F-09/001S 1l ( sprayer)
F-09/005 5l
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